Our Customer Testimonials

Clarington Contracting Services provided excellent service.  Last summer we had negotiated pricing to complete some substantial yard cleanup and landscaping, and were planning to schedule the work within 2-3 weeks.  I received last minute notice from an event co-ordinator that Premier Kathleen Wynne was expected to be making an official appearance at our store in 2 days (Got notice on Thursday afternoon, event planned for Saturday morning).  I contacted Shawn from Clarington Contracting Services to schedule the work in a rush, and he had his crew out the next day and stayed until after 8:00 PM to get the work done.  Our yard looked great, and the event went nice and smoothly. Friendly Fires

Clarington Contracting Services has been a valuable asset to our company which has allowed us growth opportunities in the areas they service. They are reliable, knowledgeable and extremely efficient in their business. The Monopoly Group looks forward to many more years of working together providing quality service to our customers. The Monopoly Group

I had the pleasure of working with Shaun Lawson for about a year in my role as vice-president of SLM Logistics while we established a leading edge plastic recycling facility in Ajax Ontario.  Not only is Shaun gifted with regards to his physical skills such as welding, fabrication and mechanical maintenance, but during his time with us he proved to be both a creative thinker and a strong manager.  I’m confident that anyone soliciting the support of Shaun and therefore Clarington Contracting will see their expectations exceeded.  SLM Logistics Corp. SLM Logistics Corp.

Before we started working with Clarington Contracting Services our property landscaping was becoming drab, sometimes overgrown and overall appearance was suffering. We turned over our landscaping contract to CCS almost three years ago and have seen a positive change in the plant material and overall appearance of our property over the past couple of summer seasons. In fact, we were so satisfied with the customer service at CCS that when it came time to tender our property cleaning contract, we awarded the contract to CCS based on our positive experiences. It has been a real pleasure working with Shaun and his team. PenEquity Realty Corporation

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