With Autumn upon us, we in Southern Ontario have the pleasure of watching Mother Nature turn the landscape into a brilliant, vivid and colorful backdrop. As property managers and/or owners; that pleasure quickly dwindles when the trees begin to drop their colourful leaves giving way for the more suitable name for the season…Fall.

Fall clean up includes the collection of those falling leaves in addition to cleaning flower beds and gardens and preparation of your plants, flowers and lawns for a long winter rest. Contact us at Clarington Contracting Services to discuss your Fall property and grounds maintenance schedule. We would be pleased to put together a customized Fall package that addresses your property and its specific needs.

Fall will quickly, before we know it, transition into Winter and forward planning and preparation is paramount to address the first snowfall of the season and the months that follow. We at Clarington Contracting Services offer extensive winter maintenance services including snow plowing, shoveling, offsite snow removal, sidewalk and driveway maintenance, salting and sanding. Contact us today to discuss a winter maintenance schedule that will ensure a safe and accident free winter season on your property and ease of access for all those that visit.

What we do


 Make a great first impression of your business, and create an inviting entry to your property


Keep your commercial or residential property maintained by professionals.


Keep your property safe, by ensuring it is snow and ice free during the winter. 


Custom tailored, scheduled litter pick up to match your property’s budget and needs.


Everyday maintenance and repairs to your most valuable asset, your home.

What our customers think

Clarington Contracting Services provided excellent service.  Last summer we had negotiated pricing to complete some substantial yard cleanup and landscaping, and were planning to schedule the work within 2-3 weeks.  I received last minute notice from an event co-ordinator that Premier Kathleen Wynne was expected to be making an official appearance at our store in 2 days (Got notice on Thursday afternoon, event planned for Saturday morning).  I contacted Shawn from Clarington Contracting Services to schedule the work in a rush, and he had his crew out the next day and stayed until after 8:00 PM to get the work done.  Our yard looked great, and the event went nice and smoothly.

Friendly Fires


Clarington Contracting Services is a multi service company that provides a high level of quality service for the homeowner, business owner or commercial property management company. We pride ourselves in providing professional and quality work. We enjoy working with the client to both identify and then satisfy their contracting needs while putting in the time and dedication to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Clarington Contracting Services prides itself in keeping the personal touch in all of our business dealings while continuing to provide the upmost level of quality service to both our residential and commercial clientele. We recognize that our clients are the primary reason for us being in business and that meeting our client’s needs and expectations in a timely and professional manner is our primary objective.


Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements at any time.
We look forward to working with you.